Agenda For Meeting #1

Date: 09/17/99
Location: Fish House Restaurant

I. Introduction
- Purpose of meeting & how it will affect Field Station
- Discuss possible set dates for every meeting (ex: every third Friday)
- Discuss possible locations for meetings
- Meetings are open to anyone (just RSVP in advance for space reservation)
- Discuss suggestions for the Field Station (i.e., newsletter, website changes, etc.)
II. Announcements
- Coastal Cleanup Saturday Sept. 18th (Tomorrow) 8am if pickup, 9am if just sorting. Need good gloves and Stainless Steel Shears (Locations: Langdon Beach on Ft. Pickens, Big Lagoon State Park, Johnson's Beach, Pensacola Beach)
- UW Cleanup Sept. 25th Ft. Pickens Jetties 8 am (Kerry from Gulf Breeze Dive Pros helping)
- Monitoring Classes Offer to Members
- Ocean Fest '99
- Kerry's Navarre Project
III. Surveying Topics
- Fish ID Class Quizzes
- Scan Sheets
Use Pencil only
Put name and Member # on front
Locations (GPS, Site name )
One survey per person
More are available for free (Call or email or write to request more, especially for dive trips or vacations)
- Identifying fish during a survey
Do not write it down unless you are certain
Familiarity is not a positive ID
Always look for key identifying marks indicated in the reference materials
Cubbyu vs. Highhat
Fish have different appearances in different locations
Do not get discouraged if you can't ID the fish this time. Use that information to help you study for the next time at that dive site.
Make a 'cheat sheet' on your slate before you go down for species that you aren't quite sure of. (Note location of spots, margins, stripes, etc.)
Get in touch with the Field Station for any fish ID problems. We have many resources.
Also, check our website before a dive to see the local species seen at a specific area.
IV. General Information
- GAFC Coordinator, Brian Huff, requested copies of our advertisement to use the Field Station's efforts during GAFC '99 as an example for the rest of the country!
- Executive Director of REEF, Laddie Akins, told Field Station co-founder Greg Bunch how excited he is about the progress of the Field Station as he handed him more scan sheets. Greg met up with Laddie in Texas where he left shore to teach another class on a liveaboard vessel visiting the Flower Gardens marine sanctuary. The class included Oceanic employees.
- Member Don Boose donated his time and camera to help the Field Station get pictures of local fish (which are on our website). We encourage other members to donate their talents as well.
- The ReefNet Software CD-ROM for fish identification is available for $40. Please contact me if you would like to get one.
- *Special Announcement!*

Please email all questions to