Agenda For Meeting #2

Date: 10/17/99
Location: Gulf Coast Dive Pros on Hwy. 98

I. Introduction
- Agendas available from last meeting
II. Announcements
- Dive Pros 9th Annual U/W Pumpkin Carving Contest Oct. 30th, $10/person
- Red Tide
- Coastal Cleanup and U/W Cleanup Report
- Kerry's Navarre Project Report
- Turtle dilemma
- Dive Buddy Match List
- Monitoring Classes latest
- Fort Pickens passes free?
- Petition Old Pier as Dive park
- Advanced Class?
- Second Report to County
- Monthly Dives
- Terry Thatcher's photos
- Gray Whale Nursery
III. Surveying Topics
- Fish ID Class Quizzes Pins
- Scan Sheets will be sent in this week
IV. General Information
- Brainstorm for GAFC for next year (ex.: strive for 2000 minutes of BT, sponsors, participants)
- Classes requested in NO, Gulf Shores, Mobile
- The ReefNet Software CD-ROM for fish identification is available for $40. Please contact me if you would like to get one.

Please email all questions to