Cubbyu don't necessarily school, but are usually seen 'hanging out' in the same areas of the reef with each other. Also in the drum family is the Highhat, which looks nearly identical in juvenile and adult stages. (Both species are shown together on the page for the Highhat.) Highhats have not been positively ID'd in Pensacola, but Cubbyu are at every site surveyed. The distinction lies in the whiter stripes on the Highhat adult and a stripe across the snout of the juvenile Highhat, while the Cubbyu juvenile has a 'cubby hole' (for memory purposes) instead. Photograph(s) used by permission of ReefNet Software from their excellent Fishes of the Caribbean and Adjacent Waters fish ID CD-ROM. Photo credit: first photo - ęDavid B.Snyder, second photo - ęGraeme Teague.