Highhat - Note the fewer, wider dark stripes that alternated with light stripes on the adult. The juvenile has a line across the nape (snout). Photo credit: Main and Bottom Left Photos - Bill Downey. Bottom Right Photo - Les Wilk.

Cubbyu Adult - The dark lines on the Cubbyu adults are thinner and are against a dark background. The rare dark phase of the Highhat adult can easily be confused with the Cubbyu adult. Photo credit: David B. Snyder.

Cubbyu Juvenile - The little Cubbyu has a little 'cubby hole' between its eyes. Photo credit: Graeme Teague.

The Highhat has not been positively identified on the Pensacola sites. The behavior and appearance are similar to that of the Cubbyu, and they might even be in small groups with the Cubbyu, however distinction can be found between the two. For the juveniles, the key identifier distinguishing the two species is on the nape (snout). The adults can be contrasted by the differences in the striping patterns. Photograph(s) used by permission of ReefNet Software from their excellent Fishes of the Caribbean and Adjacent Waters fish ID CD-ROM.