Take a Bow,

Alan Manning

The Field Station would like to recognize Alan Manning for his contribution and participation.

Here's Alan's real figure. (Sorry, Alan.)

Alan joined the Field Station at Pensacola's First GAFC last year and has been surveying ever since we showed him that you didn't have to eat every fish you see. He has turned in 12 surveys on Panhandle sites, including a couple of new sites. Performing these surveys (and other feats of buoyancy wonder), he has contributed 426 minutes (that's 7.1 hours) of bottom time to the REEF database. He's always ready to get wet, and has that good ol' down-to-earth charm where he'll gladly take a joke (if he can catch onto it.)

So if you're in the neighborhood of Pensacola, or sometimes Navarre or Destin,
drop him a line and tell him what a swell job he's doing. Maybe y'all could go diving - he's usually in the mood!