White Mullet & Striped Mullet

Said to have large, semicircle or oval bluish black to dusky spot at base of pectoral and a dark to dusky margin on tip of rear dorsal and tail. The dark fin tips seem to be a more obvious identifier versus the striped mullet's sometimes entirely dusky second dorsal and tail. Also, the white mullet has more distinctive scales and is generally a smaller species (8-12 in.) than the striped (12-24 in.). Photo credit: Les Wilk.

Striped Mullet - Reef Fish Identification by Paul Humann, a.k.a. "The Fish ID Bible", describes the key identifiers for this species as (1) dark spots on the base of each scale forming stripes on the sides, and (2) a dark base on the pectoral fin. Photo credit: Les Wilk.

These two species are difficult to distinguish underwater, especially at Pensacola's Fort Pickens Old Pier site, where the visibility is anything but optimal for fish surveying. These species were placed on the same page to help illustrate their similarities and differences. Photograph(s) used by permission of ReefNet Software from their excellent Fishes of the Caribbean and Adjacent Waters fish ID CD-ROM.