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When a member completes our fish identification course, their contact with the REEFNGOM has not ended. The field station supplies survey materials, organizes survey dives (such as the GAFC), and provides fish ID information to the public. If a surveyor cannot determine the identity of a species they encounter, we will cross-reference the fish's qualities in our library to give the surveyor a head start if not a positive identification of the animal. Our library includes the following resources:

Reef Fish Identification (Florida, Caribbean, and Bahamas)-Volume 1 by Paul Humann. New World Publications, Inc. Printed by Vaughan Press in Orlando, FL, 1989.

**Highly Recommended!** Reef Fish Identification (Florida, Caribbean, and Bahamas)-Volume 2 by Paul Humann. New World Publications, Inc. Printed by Paramount Miller Graphics, Inc., 1994.

**Highly Recommended!** Reef Series: Volume 1-Fishes of the Caribbean and Adjacent Waters CD-ROM by ReefNet Software. Contact the REEFNGOM to get details on this CD and to how order it.

Reef Fish Identification (Florida, Caribbean, and Bahamas) CD-ROM by New World Publications, Inc.,1997.

Fishes of the Gulf of Mexico-Volume 1 by John D. McEachran and Janice D. Fechhelm. Cover photo by Greg Bunch. Printed by the University of Texas Press, Austin, TX, 1998. This reference can be found on Amazon.com.

Ned DeLoach's Diving Guide to Underwater Florida by Ned DeLoach. New World Publications, Inc.,1997.

In addition, information previously collected on local fish populations by the Marine Biology Department of the University of West Florida was provided by Dr. Richard Snyder; Mrs. Sonya Wood Mahler of the University of Florida's Cooperative Extension Service; and Mr. Robert Turpin, a graduate student of U.W.F. in the marine sciences.

Please email all questions to info@reefngom.org.

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